2M-IT is the first company in Finland to achieve class 3 IPMA Delta certification

12.6.2024 | Ajankohtaista

IPMA Delta is an assessment and certification conducted by impartial and independent project management professionals that measures the maturity level of an organisation’s project management, portfolio management and program management. The IPMA Delta assessment identifies the current state, strengths and areas for the development of project operations and management.

The IPMA Delta assessment was carried out at 2M-IT during spring 2024, and dozens of people from different roles took part in the assessment. As a result of the assessment, 2M-IT received IPMA Delta certification at maturity level 3, which is the highest level achieved in Finland so far.

The IPMA Delta maturity level 3 shows that 2M-IT’s project model, structures and processes are fully defined and that they are generally required and followed throughout the organisation. Monitoring and development are systematic. Source:

The company’s operations received a lot of excellent feedback from the assessors

”2M-IT’s project operations have a sustainable foundation, a clear basic structure and a positive aim and ability to develop capabilities. The organisation has grown rapidly and, on its current scale, project management has only a short history behind it and many opportunities and tasks ahead of it. Long-term development requires a shared view and decisions from the management of 2M-IT.”

Kuvassa vasemmalla Anna-Maria Mäkelä, Projektiammattilaiset ry, sekä 2M-IT:ltä Tia Melava, Jari Nevalainen, Arto Lehtokari ja Anna Bertoft. Kuva: Jouko Kaaja

From the left: Anna-Maria Mäkelä, Projektiammattilaiset ry, and 2M-IT’s Tia Melava, Jari Nevalainen, Arto Lehtokari and Anna Bertoft. Image: Jouko Kaaja

Tia Melava is 2M-IT’s PMO Team Manager. We asked Tia about the journey that 2M-IT has taken in developing project management to achieve class 3 IPMA Delta certification.

Hi Tia! When did 2M-IT embark on pursuing class 3 IPMA Delta certification?

Six years ago, 2M-IT had implemented the project management model and the related guidelines, tools and templates. From there, we started to develop and train project managers, engage management, change operations and the culture. So we have been developing the project management and program management model for years, and this achievement has required long-term work. At Christmas 2023, we had assessed our own maturity level, and we made the decision to seek an external perspective. An external assessor provides an objective and reliable assessment based on standards, not on their own gut feeling or experience. We also wanted an external view of the areas for continuous improvement that will allow us to continue to maintain and even raise our maturity level.

What has 2M-IT developed to achieve class 3 IPMA Delta certification?

For class 3, we have developed the portfolio management process, in particular, and set up a portfolio management team. These developments raised our maturity level.  A key role was also played by 2M-IT’s PMO, which was found to be well-resourced and is widely recognised as a functional, useful, helpful and valuable part of the organisation.  We received a special mention for the range of training courses available to our project managers in relation to their competence level. We put a lot of effort into developing the skills of our project managers. Our project management model includes much more than project management: in the background, we develop people, and, by doing so, we develop operations, culture and individuals.

What does class 3 IPMA Delta certification mean for 2M-IT’s customers?

The IPMA Delta certificate on class 3 is proof that our project operations are of high quality. We promise our customers a high-quality project service, and now it’s truly proven. This is also evident to the customer in the fact that when the project operations are of high quality, the projects are carried out cost-effectively, on time and with optimally minimal resources, and the customer’s needs are taken into account comprehensively in the projects.

What do you consider to be the most important thing in project management if you should pick one thing?

The most important thing is that we understand that project management is carried out jointly by the customer, project managers, managers, experts and partners; no one alone owns the project. It’s really important that everyone works in a constructive spirit for a common goal. The success of the project requires a shared desire to commit to and act in accordance with our values – in a community-oriented, caring and competent manner.

The word leadership always involves people and managing them. It’s at the heart of everything; the customer’s management, the project manager – everyone needs to be able to lead themselves, the project, the steering group, etc. Everyone needs to manage leadership in some way.

To summarise:
The result of the IPMA Delta assessment reflects the current state of the project management capabilities of the 2M-IT organisation well, and it helped to verify the most important areas for improvement from a continuous improvement perspective. The benefits of the assessment also included increased internal visibility of the project operations and portfolio management, as well as an understanding of how they are linked to customer value.

For more information, contact Tia Melava, PMO Team Manager, tia.melava@2m-it.fi, +358400453177